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Empower Children to be Energy Experts

Empower Children to be Energy Experts

Summer is in full swing! This means two things: school is out and the hot weather is on. Now is the perfect time to teach your kids to be energy experts. Energy conservation is even more important during the hot summer months when your children are home during the day and are using electricity to power the television, video games, and the ever-expensive air conditioner. Here are some tips to help teach kids the value of conservation:

• Teach children to turn off the television, video games, lights, and ceiling fans when they are finished using them or leave the room.
• Ask kids to decide what they want to eat before opening the fridge. Having a snack in mind means the door will be opened and shut quickly, keeping the cool air where it should be…inside!
• Teach children to leave the thermostat on 78 degrees when home. Each degree below the recommended temperature of 78 adds eight percent to cooling costs. To be extra efficient, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat which you can program once and be done!

To become an even more educated on energy conservation, visit

Call for LCEC Environmental Funding Award Applications

September 1, 2017 is the deadline to apply for LCEC’s 2017 Environmental Funding Awards. To apply for an environmental funding award from LCEC, organizations can email to receive an application. Interested organizations must meet certain criteria to be considered for the award including being located within LCEC service territory, funding utilized for projects/programs related to the environment and the utility industry, and having a demonstrated need for funds. Funding is awarded twice a year with deadlines happening in March and September. Past recipients of LCEC’s Environmental Funding Award include The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF), Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium (CNCP), Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife (CCFW), Center for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW), J.N. Ding Darling, and Friends of Fakahatchee. Nearly $40,000 has been awarded since this program was created in 2013. It is just one of the many ways that LCEC positively impacts and supports wildlife and the environment.

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Summer is a time when kids spend more time enjoying the outdoors, making it an important time to remind them about staying safe around electricity. Use the tips below to talk with your tots about electric dangers:

• Never fly a kite when it is rainy or anywhere near overhead power lines.
• If you see a power line on the ground, stay away and immediately tell an adult to call their power company. If the line is within LCEC service territory, please call 239-656-2300.
• Avoid climbing trees near power lines or power poles. Never, ever climb a power pole!
• Never play near pad mounted transformers which are green metal boxes that contain the above ground portion of underground electrical wiring.
• Do not put electronics near water. Water and electricity do not mix!
• If “thunder roars, go indoors.”

These are just few reminders for your kids as they explore the outdoors this summer! For more safety tips, visit Happy summer, kids!

LCEC’s Online Tools Will Save You Money

Independence Day may be over, but you can still be an independent energy expert by using any of LCEC’s three interactive online tools to understand and manage your energy usage. These tools can also help you to conserve energy and reduce your electric bill.

kiloWATCH allows you to track your household energy usage and approximate cost. In addition to viewing your daily energy usage and anticipated cost for the day, you can set up kiloWATCH usage alerts to notify you when your usage exceeds the threshold you set.

Interactive Home allows you to click through your “virtual home” to learn proven ways to save energy dollars year after year. Many of the energy-saving suggests are low-cost or no-cost.

Calc-U-Savers help to answer many of your energy questions by analyzing your usage and assessing ways to save through our energy tips. Calc-U-Savers options include an energy advisor, appliance, lightening, pool/spa, and television.

For more details on these interactive online tools, visit the Energy Efficiency tab on

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