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LCEC has DECREASED the Power Cost Adjustment for a second time beginning August 1, 2023, based on forecasted fuel costs and cost recovery.

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Just say no to a second fridge in the home

Just say no to a second fridge in the home

Although today’s energy efficient refrigerators provide consumers with ample storage with little impact on their electric bills, many homes in the United States have a second fridge. More often than not, this fridge is an older model that, rather than being pitched, is housed in a hot garage and used to store drinks and, on special occasions like Thanksgiving, leftover food.

According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the average “second refrigerator” is likely between 15 to 25 years old and uses about 750-1000 kilowatt-hours every year which amounts to between $97 to $130 on your electric bill. In contrast, today’s ENERGY STAR® refrigerators cost about $40 a year to run.

If that second fridge isn’t doing enough to substantiate the cost to have it, there are options to safely and responsibly recycle the unit. According to ENERGY STAR:
• Refrigerators and freezers contain refrigerants, oils, and other compounds that, by federal law, must be removed and recovered. Then the steel, other metals, and selected parts can be recycled.
• Some recycling programs also capture the foam insulation inside the refrigerator doors for added environmental benefits.
• On average, a 10+ year old fridge contains more than 120 pounds of recyclable steel!

Ways to recycle your fridge:
• When you buy a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator, consider buying from a retailer than has an EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. The sales associate should be able to tell you if their store has this program.
• Contact your city’s waste management division to see if they pick up appliances such as fridges and their policies on recycling these types of appliances.
• Call your local scrap metal recycler.

Not only will you be saving money on your electric bill if you rid your home of a second fridge, but by recycling, you are helping to protect our environment. A true win-win!

LCEC Public Relations Manager Honored at FPRA Image Award Banquet

LCEC is pleased to announce that Karen Ryan, APR, CPRC, was recognized as the 2017 Unsung Hero for the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) at their annual Image Awards Banquet on April 13, 2017. The Unsung Hero Award was created in 2013 to recognize the contributions of SWFL FPRA members for their hard work and dedication to the chapter ‘behind the scenes’ by helping to enhance and promote the Public Relations profession. This award honors members who consistently provide support and assistance to the chapter and its professional goals without hesitation. Ryan has been an FPRA member for more than 22 years. During that time, Ryan has served as the Chapter President, Secretary, Media Chair, Newsletter Chair, Membership Chair, Image Chair, and Public Relations University Chair. In 2002, Ryan was recognized as the PR Professional of the Year for the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA. FPRA members nominated Ryan for this award to shine light on her mentoring of PR professionals, her work behind the scenes to judge local PR award competitions such as the Image Awards, and her willingness to help other PR professionals in the development of entries for such competitions by providing guidance, comments, and suggestions. Ryan has been the Public Relations Manager at LCEC for 21 years.

Last call for anglers for 21st Annual LCEC United Way Fishing Tournament

Today is the last day to register at the early bird rate for the 21st Annual LCEC United Way Fishing Tournament happening this Saturday, April 15, 2017. Early bird registration cost per angler is $65 but that rate will increase to $75 tomorrow. Students with valid college identification can register for an early bird price of $50 which will go to $55 tomorrow. A mandatory Captain’s Meeting will take place on Friday, April 14 at D&D Matlacha Bait and Tackle. Captains are asked to arrive at the check in at the meeting starting at 5:30 p.m. and announcements will begin at 6 p.m. All participants will receive a commemorative long-sleeve shirt and a delicious home-cooked BBQ meal! Meals for guests and non-fisherman can be purchased for $5 during weigh-in on Saturday, April 15. The LCEC United Way Fishing Tournament is being held at some of Southwest Florida’s best fishing locations; Pine Island Sound, Charlotte Harbor and surrounding waters. In addition to great fishing and fun, the tournament includes a HUGE raffle including the chance to win a 2009 Ford Ranger truck and a Mavic drone. There will also be a silent raffle with 24 prizes packs ranging in value from $75 to $1100!

For tournament details, visit, contact, or call Tournament Director Dana Nicloy at 239-656-2122. All proceeds from this tournament will benefit the United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades and Okeechobee Counties.

Spring into energy savings

Spring is here! Rather than focusing all your energy on spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to set your sights on energy savings. Here are a few tips to spring into energy savings:

Give your AC some TLC
• Servicing your air conditioner annually is essential to prolonging the life of your unit. Use Spring as the time each year when you call a professional to give your AC some TLC. Don’t forget to change your air filters regularly too!

Let in the fresh air
• On mild days, consider opening the windows to get a cross breeze in your home. Now is the time to enjoy the cool breeze before summer arrives.

Enjoy your ceiling fans
• Switch on your ceiling fans so that you can kick up your thermostat. Using ceiling fans to cool your home allows you to turn up your thermostat up to four degrees without losing that cool, comfortable feeling.

Fire up the grill
• Rather than heat up your home by using your oven to cook, head outside to grill! Who doesn’t love a cook-out?!

Check your windows
• Cover your windows with blinds, shades or tint to cool down your home and save on your energy usage.

Let the sunlight in
• Why use your indoor lights when it is sunny outside? Using the sun to light your home will help you save moola.

Program your thermostat
• Spring is the perfect time to invest in a programmable thermostat! By setting your thermostat to match your daily routine, you could save almost 10 percent on your electric usage.

Get your ducts in a row
• Check your ducts to ensure they are not leaking. Leaking ducts can sustainably increase your energy consumption. Seal and insult your ducts if need be or call in a professional to do the job for you! If you are unsure if your ducts are leaking, call LCEC at 239-656-2300 for a FREE energy survey.

Fan your bathroom
• Always use your bathroom fans. They eliminate heat and humidity which keep your home (and YOU) cool!

For more energy savings tips, visit

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