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The Power Cost Adjustment increase is a result natural gas price costs passed on from our power supplier.

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Reporting an inoperative or malfunctioning streetlight

Reporting an inoperative or malfunctioning streetlight

LCEC works diligently to ensure that streetlights are functioning properly, but streetlights can and do malfunction. There are two easy ways to report an inoperative or malfunctioning streetlight to LCEC:
1. Complete a secure online form at
2. Call LCEC Customer Care at 800-599-2356 or 239-656-2300.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:
1. A description of the problem.
2. Description of the location or the number located on the pole. The number should have alphabetic characters before and/or after it (i.e. S9999XX).
3. Your contact information, including account number, address, and phone number.

In addition to reporting trouble with streetlights, provides customers with an easy platform to report outages, start/stop service, pay your bill, utilize FREE energy tools and much, much more!

Join the LCEC family

Working for LCEC is like working with family. Our family-orientated atmosphere is just one of the many things that make LCEC unique. We are always looking for people with integrity, accountability and drive to help us deliver the power that energizes our community! In addition to a robust benefits package including things like a 401(k) and onsite wellness and fitness center, a career at LCEC means…

-Encouragement to make a difference
-Continual process improvement
-Focus on safety and wellness
-Diverse work culture
-Valued employee engagement

To find out if there is a spot for you right now at LCEC, visit the career tab of

LCEC provides four local organizations with Environmental Funding Awards

LCEC is pleased to announce that it will provide Environmental Funding Awards to four local organizations whose mission centers around protecting our environment and the wildlife that inhabit it. Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife (CCFW) will receive $2,000 to support the annual Burrowing Owl Festival and the creation of a calendar from which all proceeds directly benefit the CCFW in their continued efforts to preserve and enhance the habitat of protected wildlife species in our area. The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) will receive $4,000 for the creation and printing of informational brochures to educate the public on issues ranging from outreach programs to wildlife trails within CROW. The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) will receive $3,000 to support the creation and printing of its 50th anniversary commemorative calendar from which proceeds will benefit SCCF in their efforts to preserve natural resources and wildlife habitat on and around the islands of Sanibel and Captiva. The Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum will receive $2,500 to support their Mobile Mollusk Education program which will educate the children of Lee County on the life of a mollusk and the importance that they serve in our ecosystem.

To apply for an LCEC environmental award, organizations can email to receive an application. The deadline for 2017 award applications is March 15, 2017. Interested organizations must meet certain criteria to be considered for the award including being located within LCEC service territory, funding utilized for projects/programs related to the environment and the utility industry, and having a demonstrated need for funds. This funding award is just one of the many ways that LCEC positively impacts and supports wildlife and the environment.

September is National Preparedness Month

The purpose of National Preparedness Month is to remind everyone to prepare now, and throughout the year, for emergencies that can affect how you live, work and play. FEMA initiated this annual campaign in 2003 to educate and empower people to know what to do in the event of any type of emergency from natural disaster to terrorist attacks. It is especially important for our youth, young adults and people with disabilities to be prepared for potential emergencies.

The following tips from NOAA will help you to “Be a Force of Nature:”

Be aware of risks
Recognize potential risks for emergencies by:
-Bookmarking to stay informed on severe weather.
-Learning about Wireless Emergency Alerts, messages that will be sent to your phone during an emergency.
-Get practical tips on preparing for disaster at

Be in control
Having a plan in place will make all the difference for you and your family during and after an emergency situation. As a rule of thumb, your emergency plan should ensure that you can go for at least three days without electricity, water service, access to a supermarket, or other local services. Ways to be in control include:
-Preparing a disaster supply kit with at least three days of food and water.
-Creating a Family Emergency Plan, so that your family knows how to communicate during an emergency.

Should an emergency situation arise that causes widespread power outages in our area, LCEC customers can rest assured that power will be restored as soon as possible. LCEC prepares year-round to ensure that the resources needed for restoration are in place. To do this, LCEC cultivates relationships with power line and tree-trimming contractors, fuel companies, material vendors, food service vendors, other cooperatives and local agencies for back-up resources. In addition, our 375+ employees play a vital role in the restoration plan. These employees put their typical job duties on hold to pitch in during restoration, working around-the-clock to ensure that power for LCEC customers is restored as quickly as possible.

LCEC electric rates are fifth lowest in Florida!

LCEC is pleased to announce that our electric rates are the fifth lowest amongst electric providers in the state of Florida as of July, 2016. These recent industry benchmarks reflect LCEC’s operating expenses per kWh sold as being in the lowest quartile nationwide, and lowest amongst comparable cooperatives in the state. “We are very pleased to be able to pass through operating and power cost savings to our customers,” LCEC CFO Denise Vidal said. “LCEC continually strives to contain costs while providing excellent reliability and customer service in order to keep rates competitive.”

Becoming the fifth lowest in electric rates for the state is a strategic priority at LCEC. Rate levels are determined through forecasting sales levels (expected revenue) compared to budgeted spending needs for operations, power supply, and capital investment in the electric infrastructure. When revenue is expected to be more favorable compared to spending, we pass those savings through to customers in the form of reduced rates. LCEC has not had a rate increase in more than eight years and has been able to reduce rates five times over the past three years.

At LCEC, our mission is to provide efficient, reliable, cost-competitive electric service, emerging energy solutions and excellent service to our customers. “We stand behind our mission and are extremely proud to share this news with our customers!” Vidal said. Although the goal has been reached, efforts to manage costs while providing reliable power will remain on the forefront of the LCEC business plan.

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