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Energy Tools to Help Tackle Your Electric Usage

Energy Tools to Help Tackle Your Electric Usage

Looking to save money on your electric bill, you are in luck! LCEC is proud to offer three energy tools which will empower you to take control of your energy consumption.

Track your household energy usage and approximate cost with the online energy tool, kiloWATCH. To get started, visit, register for Account Access, sign in, and then click View Daily Energy Usage. Place your mouse over the dots on the chart to see kilowatt usage and anticipated cost for the day. You can also hover over the blue vertical bars for the day’s temperature and to see how weather can affect daily usage.

Interactive Home
Understanding your electric usage is easy and fun with the online Interactive Home. By spending a few minutes clicking through the “virtual” home, you will learn many proven ways to save energy dollars year after year. Many of the energy-saving suggestions are low-cost or no-cost.

With the LCEC Calc-U-Savers, you can answer many of your energy questions by analyzing your usage and assessing ways to save through our energy tips. There is a home, appliance, lightning and pool/spa Calc-U-Saver. There is even a Calc-U-Saver en español!

Visit for more information on these tools and other ways to save on your electric bill!

Keeping your cool without heating up your electric bill

Southwest Florida’s steamy subtropical summers cause the nation’s highest average annual air conditioning use. In fact, air conditioning accounts for approximately half of most average monthly utility bills. So is there a way to really keep cool in SWFL during summertime without cranking down the AC? Below are some ways to keep cool without breaking the bank!

-Keep your blinds closed. Much of the heat in your home comes from windows. Utilizing curtains or blinds can help to keep your home cool.

-Keep your interior doors open. When you close off rooms, you prevent air from flowing through your home. Air circulation is necessary for your comfort and for the efficiency of your air conditioner. The harder your AC has to work, the higher your electric bill could get.

-Use fans. Many people trick themselves into feeling cool by filling a bowl with ice and positioning it in front of a fan in a way that makes the breeze feel much cooler than just having a fan blow on them. It is also wise to set your fan counter-clockwise in the summer. Fans can be equally as wonderful as air conditioning and cost way less to use than AC!

-Go cotton. Ditch your heavy sheets during the summer and opt for cool cotton. To keep extra cool, you might want to invest in a buckwheat pillow which doesn’t hold body heat like conventional pillows. On really hot summer nights, some experts suggest slightly dampening your sheets before bed to keep you cool, calm and cozy while you sleep.

-Dress the part. Wear light, cool clothing during the hot summer months, and apply a cold cloth to hot spots including necks and wrists.

-Use your bathroom and kitchen fans when appropriate. These fans help pull the hot air from the room, keeping you cool.

-Grill out and chill out. Avoid using the hot oven if you can. If your home is already hot, a 400 degree oven will only add to the heat!

If you aren’t one to skimp on air conditioning to save on your electric bill, be wise with your usage. LCEC recommends setting the thermostat at 83 degrees if you are away from your home more than two hours and at 78 degrees while you are home. Each degree below the recommended temperature of 78 degrees adds eight percent to cooling costs.

LCEC PR Team Honored at FPRA Golden Image Awards

The LCEC Public Relations Team proudly accepted two awards during the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Golden Image Awards banquet held in Palm Harbor, Florida on August 9, 2016. The awards included an:

–Award of Distinction for LCEC’s television commercial campaign which featured over 20 employees telling the LCEC story.
–Award of Distinction for the creation of a commemorative 75th Anniversary Book which highlighted LCEC’s rich history.

To qualify for judging, a Golden Image entry must incorporate sound public relations research and planning. Entries must also meet the highest standard of production, execution and evaluation of results and budget. An Award of Distinction is presented to entries that meet the standards of excellence set by a panel of judges.

About FPRA:
FPRA members come from many backgrounds – private and public corporations, government entities, non-profit organizations and counseling firms – but they share the common goal of enhancing the public relations profession in Florida through ethical and standardized practices. With 15 professional chapters and 12 student chapters conveniently located throughout the state, as well as a host of opportunities and benefits at their disposal, FPRA members are well-equipped to achieve this common goal.

About LCEC:
The LCEC headquarters in North Fort Myers, Florida, is in the same location where the cooperative originated in 1940. Approximately 375 skilled employees are positioned throughout the five-county service territory, working varied schedules to ensure customers’ energy needs are met around the clock.

Is your emergency kit ready?

We all prepare for storm season, but what about the rest of the year? An emergency kit can come in handy year-round for instances such as a disaster or even a simple power outage. Creating an emergency kit is simple and can make all the difference in a time of need.

According to FEMA, these are all essentials for your emergency supply kit:
-Three-day supply of non-perishable food (dried fruit, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, etc.)
-Can opener
-First aid kit
-Sleeping bag or warm blanket for everyone in your family
-Change of clothes to last three days, including sturdy shoes; consider the weather where you live
-Matches in waterproof container
-Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap
-Paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups and utensils
-Water – at least one gallon per person, per day
-Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio with extra batteries
-Flashlights with extra batteries
-Cell phone charger, extra cell phone battery and solar charger
-Whistle to signal for help
-Local maps
-Pet supplies
-Baby supplies
-Books, cards, games or puzzles
-Your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket

With two months left in storm season, there is the potential for a storm. In the event of a storm that causes a power outage, please:
-Call 239-656-2300 or 800-599-2356. One of our representatives or the LCEC Interactive Voice Response system will provide you with as much information as possible.
-Be sure to check if your breakers are on before you call to report an outage. If you leave your home during an outage, please be sure appliances such as the oven, stove or iron are not on. When power is restored, this could cause a dangerous situation.
-In the event of severe weather where large outages may occur, there is no need to report your outage. In the rare case of a widespread outage, LCEC is already aware of the interruption in power and is working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power.

Visit for more tips, tools and other useful electric-related information.

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